Visa Application

To find out if you require a visa to visit OECD Conference Singapore On Higher Education Futures in Singapore, kindly check with the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (ICA).

For visa application, please download the Visa Entry Application Form.

Important Things to Note

Most foreigners coming into Singapore do not require a visa for entry and may be given social visit passes for up to 30 days upon their arrival in Singapore. However, it is best to consult your local consular office for the latest information with regard to coming into Singapore.

If you would like to stay in Singapore for a longer period, you may apply to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) upon your arrival. You should have a valid passport with at least six months validity, onward or return tickets, onward facilities (such as visas or entry permits) to your next destination, and sufficient funds for your stay in Singapore.

Travellers Requiring a Visa

The list of countries whose nationals require a visa to enter Singapore may be found on the ICA's website. Should you require a visa, please refer to ICA’s website for application procedures. Should you also require an official invitation letter for visa application purposes, email us at to request for one after you have successfully registered for the conference.

As with most countries, do note that the possession of a visa does not entitle a foreigner to enter Singapore automatically. Visitors must also meet entry requirements such as holding a valid passport, possession of sufficient funds for the period of stay in Singapore and confirmed onward or return air tickets. The grant of a visit pass to a foreign visitor is determined by the ICA Officers at the Singapore checkpoints and each case is considered on its own merits.

Loss of Passports

Should you lose your passport while in Singapore, please make a police report immediately and approach your embassy in Singapore to apply for a replacement travel document. You should also report to the ICA (across from the Lavender MRT Station at 10 Kallang Road) for a visit pass which will regularise your stay in Singapore.